17-18If you haven’t seen any of it on television, you’ve no doubt heard of the weight loss shows that are all over the media. Overweight people apply wanting to change their lifestyles and lose weight. They stay in a lovely house with other people going through the same challenges, and they focus on eating and exercise. It all seems too good to be true–something we wish we could take time off of work to do. However, there really are weight loss camps for adults that do things just like these shows. Is it your best option? That depends. Read on for some advantages and disadvantages to this kind of program.

The Pros

If you have a week or so to take off of work and life in general, joining one of these communities can be a great opportunity. There are plenty of positives to discuss. For example, you will be surrounded by people who have felt the way you do, who have a desire to change, but who understand how difficult it can be. Read more

May 6, 2013 · Posted in Personal Development and Improvement