Four Symptoms That May Require a Trip to the Pediatrics Office

pediatricsA sick infant can be a stressful situation for a new parent. Since your child can’t tell you what’s wrong, you can do your best to watch for symptoms and try to get your child the care he or she needs to get back to full health as soon as possible.

You can use your Louisville pediatrics office to help your child overcome a cold or sickness. By knowing what signs to watch for, you can identify when your child needs to visit his or her doctor to help get over an illness.


A fever typically accompanies an illness or infection. If it lasts longer than a few days or keeps coming back, you should have your child examined to figure out the cause of the fever. By treating the problem, such as an ear infection, your child will get the assistance he or she needs to overcome the fever. In young children, it is best to take the temperature rectally. Be aware that the fever becomes a concern at a different temperature depending on the child’s age: 100.4°F and  up for infants under three months old, 101°F and up for children three to six months old, and 103°F and up for children older than six months old.


Coughing alone does not require medical attention. When your child has a long-lasting dry cough, trouble breathing, wheezes, or has a productive cough you should consider alerting the doctor. This could show signs of an underlying cause that may need to be treated. Along the same line, you should watch for runny noses that last longer than ten days.

Bowel Problems

Breastfed babies can go several days without pooping without raising any alarms, but if your child has not pooped in quite a few days and seems to be grunting then you should contact your doctor. Constipation can also be displayed through regular small, hard poops. On the other hand, your child may experience diarrhea or vomiting. This becomes problematic when your child’s symptoms last longer than 24 hours, is coupled with a fever, or shows signs of dehydration. This could include few to no wet diapers, lack of saliva or tears, or sunken eyes or fontanel.

Unusual Behavior

Knowing your child’s personality and typical behavior, you can spot when something is wrong. If your child’s demeanor seems different, this could be a sign of a serious issue. If your child is uncharacteristically crying uncontrollably, sluggish, hard to wake, lethargic, or hard to feed you should contact your doctor to alert them to the changes. He or she will be able to provide you with information to help you proceed.

As you worry and stress over your child’s health and well being, never hesitate to contact your local Louisville pediatrics office. They can assist you in getting your child back to full health as quickly as possible or offer you peace of mind.

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