How to Make the Most of RV Storage

rvpark6An RV is essentially a little home on wheels. If you’ve spent an extended period of time in this home, you’ve probably become acquainted with how confined the space is. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic in your home no matter what form it comes in, so it’s up to you to maximize its space. Fortunately, there are a few space-saver techniques you can implement for RV storage in Antioch.

Add Compartments

A handy way to maximize storage is to create more drawers, shelves, and other compartments. There are a variety of places you can set these organization units. The space under your bed should be free, so find a few bins or create wooden drawers that will fit under there side by side. Add handles so you can easily pull the containers out. You can store your clothes, shoes, and accessories in this space or maybe place blankets, books, or snacks in there.

Your RV should have a basement of sorts. Adding plastic stackable containers to this space should more efficiently store your possessions and allow easier access. You can also install compartments into the hollow area in the stairs by cutting up the carpet and making custom wooden drawers. Your kitchen cabinets and closets obviously already have drawers and shelves, but consider rearranging these so you can store more possessions or better fit in already existing items. Again, use the organizational units for better maximizing storage.

Install Other Doo-Hickeys

There are a few other options to make the most of the space in your RV. Consider installing driver racks. These are small racks that are screwed above the sun visor or on the walls near the driver. It’s easy for little items such as maps, sunglasses, snacks, and other objects to get tossed around in the cab, so it’s a good idea to have racks to better organize them. For larger items you want to haul across the country, purchase a rooftop case. A commercial case or a homemade plywood case can be installed at the top of the RV to store bulky possessions such as small bikes, lawn chairs, and sports gear. If you want more counter space, consider obtaining sink and range covers. You can make these boards from plexi-glass and laminated wood or you can find them at RV and camping stores. Remember that if you want to maximize your RV storage in Antioch to consider every area of the vehicle. Your ceiling and walls are a great option. Buy shelves and hang baskets to store possessions you typically don’t use but take out occasionally.

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