Preparing Your Puppy For Their First Visit To The Veterinarian

When you bring a new puppy home they are so cute and once they get used to you and their new surroundings their little personalities become apparent.  It used to be thought that you couldn’t start training a puppy until they were six months old.  They have found that starting to train your puppy as soon as you bring them home is the best time to start.  An inevitable part of a dog’s life is visits to the pet vet in San Jose.  For some dogs the veterinarian’s office is a place of pain and terror.  Training your dog early to be comfortable at the veterinarian’s office is important for your dog to get the best treatment possible and to make sure no one is harmed in the process.

First Steps

Taking the time to get your puppy familiar with the parking lot of the veterinarians is the first step.  If your puppy only rides in a car to go to the doctor they will associate car rides with pain and terror.  Taking your puppy for rides to fun places will take care of that association.  After they are comfortable with the parking lot, take them to the door and let them sniff around and get comfortable with all the new smells.  Once they are okay with the entrance to the office, take them all the way in.  There will be more new smells that will distract them unless there are other dogs there.  Find time to introduce your puppy to these places when there are little to no patients coming and going.

First Appointment

It is okay to visit the veterinarian’s office prior to your first appointment and let your puppy meet the staff and get some treats.  When you take the puppy to see the veterinarian for their first appointment and vaccinations they will already be comfortable with the parking lot, building and staff.  Handling the puppy and helping it to become comfortable with being looked at and touched will also help with their first visit to the veterinarian.

Hard Work and Training

The pet vet in San Jose knows that a puppy’s first visit will require a little extra patience and tender loving care.  Your hard work preparing them will really help them to have a good first experience with the veterinarian and vaccinations.  Training your puppy to be respectful and how to calm down will also help them with any interactions they will have with people or other animals.



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