Are you tired of struggling over your dying lawn and drooping plants year after year? There are many common mistakes that people make that contribute to the poor quality of their yard, and even those with the best of intentions may end up doing more harm than good when it comes to yard care. The following list outlines a few tips for caring for your yard, such as hiring Green Leaf Tree Service, in order to get your lawn and garden healthy again and to end your frustrations for good.

Tips for Caring for Your Yard

Taking care of your yard is a trial and error process for many, yet it is a good idea to consult the experts when you are experiencing a problem with some aspect of your lawn or garden. The following list outlines a few helpful tips for caring for your yard in order to get your lawn and garden healthy, green, and thriving once more:

  • Water longer and less often: Many people think that watering their lawn every day for ten minutes is the best method, as the water is receiving daily moisture. It is actually more beneficial to water your lawn twice each week for 30 minutes or more, as longer watering times allow for more absorption into the roots and soil, making the watering last longer. Watering superficially each day only temporarily quenches your lawn’s thirst, and the sun will quickly evaporate most of the superficial moisture anyway.
  • Raise your blade: If your lawn looks scorched, you may be mowing the lawn with the blade too low. Grass should only be trimmed up to 1/3 each mowing; any more than this will result in scorched and unhealthy grass.
  • Keep pets off the grass: If you have pets, do not allow them to go to the bathroom on your lawn. You will be in dismay when you see uneven patches and dead grass show up in a few weeks.
  • Weed frequently: This is especially important in flower beds and vegetable gardens, as weeds tend to choke out and steal nutrients from your plants. Weeding frequently will keep your plants healthy as they receive all of the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive.
  • Prune your annuals: Once the flowers on your annual plants start to wilt, it is time to pluck them from the plant. Routinely pruning your annuals promotes bud growth and will help you to have flowering annuals throughout the entire season. Your plants are wasting energy and nutrients on those dying flowers, so pruning them allows for all energy to be focused onto the new buds. Do not pull the flowers from plants in the spring, as these flowers are needed to produce leaves and mature fruit.
  • Use mulch: If you live in a dry environment, the use of mulch is really quite essential. Mulch will hold moisture in the soil to allow for a steady release of water to your plants. Mulch will also greatly decrease your labor, as you will not have to weed as often. Mulch discourages weed growth. Mulch can also hold in heat, which is why it is great for plants such as tomatoes. Be careful if you have plants that scorch easily, as mulch may make the situation worse.
  • Hire an expert for sick and dying trees: If you have several of the same species in your yard and they are not thriving, it may be a worthwhile investment to hire Green Leaf Tree Service to diagnose and treat your trees. Trees are an expensive investment, and it is a good idea to entrust them with the experts so you do not end up losing them entirely.
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