Tips to Use When Buying Bulk Mulch

Adding mulch to a yard is a great way to enhance your yard’s curb appeal. It helps the soil to hold moisture, and it can do a great job as a natural weed controller. If you do not like dealing with soil erosion, mulching is a great selection. However, the costs of buying individual bags of mulch can be expensive. Most homeowners find themselves replacing their mulch each year as it can fade over time. This is why it is so important to consider buying bulk mulch in Austin as it can easily save you a lot of money.

Selecting the Right Mulch

It is important to consider the different types of mulch. While grass clippings and leaves can fall into this category, most people consider mulch to be some type of shredded bark or wood chip substance. You can purchase mulch made from rubber materials for safety reasons. This is often found on many playgrounds as it does provide a softer ground for children if they fall. Shredded bark and wood chips often come in a variety of colors and sizes. When selecting mulch, always consider what you want it to look like. Some people like the look of red cedar where others may prefer a dark brown mulch. Mulch will provide a neat finish to your yard, while also providing nutrients to the soil.

Amount of Mulch

Mulch is usually sold in bags, or in bulk. You need to have the dimensions ready when you are purchasing mulch. The amount of mulch you will need depends on the area in which you are covering. Use the simple cubic foot formula to calculate the amount of mulch needed (length x width x height). Some people prefer a thin layer of mulch, where others may want to have at least twelve inches of mulch. Landscaping experts can help you calculate the amount of mulch needed based on the length and width dimensions.

Caring for Mulch

If you choose a wood mulch, find out how you need to care for it. Certain types of mulch (cocoa hull mulch) can actually be toxic to animals. Make sure you are selecting a mulch that will not interfere with your animals or lifestyle. You should spray your mulch with pesticide killer to make sure ants and other pests do not build nests in the mulch. Buying bulk mulch in Austin will save you money, and a lot of trips to and from the home improvement store!

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