What Kind Of Hosting Server To Use For Your Website

If you have gotten to the point where you are deciding the kind of server on which to host your website, then you have gotten through the bulk of the pre-planning. Congratulations, because from this point on, there aren’t really any wrong decisions. You may not be sure what your options are, or what they mean, and so this article will take you through the steps for picking out the server for your website. Hosting services like Hivelocity, GoDaddy, and Dreamhost will all offer a variety of server options from which to choose, but even if they can be a little daunting, when you know what you should be looking for, it is actually quite simple and easy!

Dedicated vs. Shared Hosting

The first consideration when choosing your server options is deciding whether or not you want to have shared or dedicated hosting. Shared will give you a partition, or partitions, on a server with many other websites.This is less secure, but cheaper, and good for a website that is like a blog, or not heavily customized, or not expecting a lot of traffic. If you are going to use shared hosting, then there is not much more to choose from as far as server options go. But if you want the software and hardware on your website’s server to be customized and changeable, then dedicated hosting is the way to go. With a dedicated server you will have entire control over the hardware and software, at least insofar as your hosting company can provide, because you get an entire server to yourself. While the hosting company does the physical upkeep, and obviously houses the server, everything else is up to your discretion.

Hardware and Software

The main components to a server are the processor, the memory, and the operating system. All of these things should be weighed against each other. The Intel Atom processor will offer better power savings, but will perform more poorly during high-traffic hours, whereas the Intel Xeon will be more expensive but far more reliable. The memory should be added or subtracted as needed for the software on which your server and website are running, and your operating system will be determined by your programmers’ experience and comfort level. The good news is, all of these components come with a plethora of options to choose from, so there should be an option that fits your needs perfectly.

The Right Server

The choice of a server might seem daunting, especially to a beginner. But, if you are a beginner, then shared hosting will not only decrease your options but offer you a more streamlined web-hosting experience. And, if you are an experienced programmer, then the diversity of options will be nothing short of a candy-store full of awesome potential. Either way, when choosing a server from Hivelocity, GoDaddy, or Dreamhost, always choose the server that fits your needs.

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