When to Get a Free Estimate on Engine Rebuilding

As a car gets older, things that didn’t used to bother it may become a major problem. For example, the small amounts of gunk that hang out in the engine might not cause that big of a problem, but as the buildup increases, the engine has trouble functioning properly and may even quit all together. How do you know if it’s time to take your car or truck in for a free estimate on a rebuild or replacement? You’ll find a few warning signs listed below.

Banging Noises

One day you’re driving along and then you start to hear a strange bang under the hood. You keep driving, thinking it will go away, only it gets louder. Louder isn’t better. Louder is bad. If you can get the engine looked at promptly, then you may be able to replace a few piston wrist pins or a bearing and be okay. If you keep driving it, it’s likely that you’ll punch a hole in the engine block. At that point, you’re looking at an expensive rebuild.

No Power

As a car ages, it slows down. It’s just natural wear and tear on the engine that causes it to not accelerate as quickly as it once did. Now, if you notice a drastic change in power, you could be in for trouble. Usually, this change won’t be a silent one and you’ll have warning signs that come in the form of knocks, bangs, or clangs. The longer you wait when these noises appear, the bigger the repair will be. As with any car trouble, proper maintenance will decrease the likelihood of major disaster.


Depending on what is burning inside the engine, the color of the smoke will change. White smoke coming from the tailpipe is caused by coolant and water. It’s likely that you have coolant entering into the oil chamber and that needs to be taken care of.

Black smoke coming from the engine means there is too much fuel or not enough air in the engine. You most likely won’t need to have your engine rebuilt, but you’ll need to have the repair completed quickly.

The only liquid in the engine that burns blue is oil. Your mechanic will need to do a detailed diagnostic to determine the source of the oil leak. Feel free to take it in for a free estimate and have the extent of the damage assessed.

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